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Modern Style

Pictured in solid walnut.

Also available in cherry and mahogany.


At the turn of the 20th Century, Modern Design took root, based in the belief that industrial design didn’t need to just copy older styles of furniture. Moving away from the heavy, opulent furniture of the Victorian period, Modern Design is lighter and has cleaner lines, with an emphasis on functionalism. This style established itself in our American culture as many of us grew up with it and find it comforting and sophisticated.



Tall Cabinet                                                          Tall Upper Only           

75 x 59 x 31 w/ front 27 w/o front                      40 x 27 x 17

Short Cabinet                                                       Short Upper only  

59 x 59 x 31 w/ front 27 w/o front                     23 ½ x 25 x 18

Dash Tables                                                              

28 x 29 x 14 ½                                                          



  • Fully mobile with 3-inch locking casters

  • White background with rice lamp paper

  • Dimmer switch for adjustable lighting

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