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...a cabinet is where people put things of value.

Product Catalog

Here is a solution for the Funeral Home Professional.  The Family Cabinet is furniture specifically designed for displaying an urn that allows you, or the family, to create a sacred and meaningful display.  A cabinet naturally elevates the eye from a horizontal to a vertical orientation.  A family’s carefully selected objects and photos can be arranged on the cabinet’s surfaces to provide a pleasing visual experience. The Family Cabinet is designed to support rather than compete with the items a family chooses for remembrance.


This is our catalog, introducing three cabinet styles with optional matching tables, and a palanquin that can be used for processions. A Family Cabinet will help the families you serve and set your funeral home apart from others.

Prairie Style

Prairie Style. The Arts and Craft movement began in England but found its greatest acceptance in America. Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright established it as a beloved American style with an emphasis on “honesty of materials.” The use of shadow, line, and modest repetition are the only ornamentation and have become hallmarks of the style.

Modern Style

Modern Style.  At the turn of the 20th Century, Modern Design took root, based in the belief that industrial design didn’t need to just copy older styles of furniture. Moving away from the heavy, opulent furniture of the Victorian period, Modern Design is lighter and has cleaner lines, with an emphasis on functionalism. This style established itself in our American culture as many of us grew up with it and find it comforting and sophisticated.

Shaker Style

Shaker Style Furniture. From the early to mid-1800s, the Shakers produced furniture of beauty and simplicity. Their driving motivation was utility, but from their devotion to utility, enduring beauty emerged.

The Palanquin

The Palanquin

Personal Family Cabinets

The Personal Family Cabinet was designed, not for the Funeral Director.  But for someone who would want to have a cabinet to keep an urn, in a special place in their home.  ​  In designing it, I had in mind my Grandmothers Family Bible, it was a repository of family history.  Births and Deaths of course but also memories of trips, holidays and honors given the family.  I wanted to make a cabinet like that.  I personally make each of these museum quality pieces to order and sign and number each.
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