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We design and build our Family Cabinets to last for generations...

About Us

After attending a fair number of funerals and memorial services that did not have an adequate way to showcase an urn, master woodworker, Scott DeWaard, took his 30 years in the trade and channeled it into forming a new business.  


The Family Cabinet Company came to life in 2018 to specialize in furniture exclusively for the purpose of enhancing the legacies of those who choose cremation. We have a bold mission to bring a lasting beauty, dignity, and grace to the presentations of urns containing the precious ashes of loved ones.


Many innovations are born out of a desire to solve a problem, and in the funeral business, there simply didn’t exist any furniture appropriate for displaying urns. Whereas tables signify work surfaces, such as desks, a cabinet is where people put things of value. Our family cabinets are designed to both artfully present as well as protect the family’s urn.


Design-wise, the cabinet shifts the orientation from a horizontal presentation to a vertical one, which also changes the viewers’ perception of the object. Functionally, our family cabinets can be easily moved and arranged by funeral home staff. In fact, some of our customers have even found that the family cabinet offers practical uses for traditional casket ceremonies. Finally, there is simply nothing that replicates the quality and beauty of handcrafted wooden furniture.


Funeral directors know caskets inside and out—from materials to the fit and finish. We invite you to browse our catalog with the same discerning eye for quality.


Please contact us for more information about pricing and how a family cabinet can enhance your clients’ experiences.

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